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: Looking at the city meeting calendar - Week of March 11, 2024

: The Planning Board holds off on approving the Starbucks site plan and gives a unanimous positive recommendation to reducing the number of daily car trips to trigger a Major Development Review.

: "No one uses the parking garage!"

: The Parking & Traffic Commission meets for the first time in months, talks parking study, library lot, and the commissioners’ role in parking policy.

: Looking at the city meeting calendar - Week of March 4, 2024

: Empty storefronts and the "Downtown is dead!" narrative

: The School Committee has accepted the superintendent's proposed FY25 budget.

: Some preliminary discussion of the proposed FY25 school budget at the School Committee Budget & Finance Subcommittee

: Trying to make heads or tails of the proposed changes to the citizens petition process

: Looking at the city meeting calendar - Week of July 10, 2023

: Proposed policy changes on subcommittees and organizational meetings taken up by School Policy & Programs Subcommittee

: So long, old library.

: Looking at the city meeting calendar - Week of June 19, 2023

: The Downtown Parking Study presentation is now available on the city website.

: The Downtown Parking Study suggests Greenfield has plenty of parking, but we need to rethink how we manage it.

: Looking at the city meeting calendar - Week of June 12, 2023

: Taking a look at the GPS strategic plan ahead of this week’s review and vote

: The School Budget Subcommittee met on Thursday to review what the superintendent is recommending adding back into the FY24 budget.

: Poking around in the early campaign finance data for local races

: Getting an early view of how this fall's local election is shaping up

: A full Public Safety Commission hears updates from the departments, reiterating their support for the mayor and the police.

: I've gotten caught up on the School Committee's special meeting.

: The School Committee has decided on some Open Meeting Law training. The Mayor does not seem to agree it is necessary.

: There is a special meeting of the School Committee this evening.

: I finally got around to watching the Public Safety Commission. It was not encouraging.

: The Mayor has, in fact, withdrawn the $365k she had pledged toward the FY24 budget for Greenfield Public Schools.

: At the risk of stating the obvious, zoning is both important and super-complicated.

: An unsurprising but troubling new wrinkle in the FY24 school budget fight.

: We need more housing in the city core, not out at the edge of town.

: The obscurity and complexity of municipal government

: I guess El Greco is for sale.

: What is the city's social media policy? It is not clear there is one.

: This seems like a problem.

: The City Council has closed the gap for the schools in the Mayor's FY24 operating budget. What comes next?

: I see Jasper is still at it…

: Who has authority to approve Community Preservation Act projects?

: Figuring out which way the ship is headed with the schools

: Where things stand with the Mayor’s fire station budget request heading into December

: Police oversight and building committees fill the agenda for the Charter Review Committee.

: Citizen petitions and initiatives, oh my!

: November 20, 2020 – The week ahead

: The City Council hears from GCET, funds Wisdom Way work, and continues to fret about the fire station and the library.

: The DPW takes the hit from a $370k cut from the FY21 Operating Budget.

: The City Council partially reverses itself on Accessory Dwelling Units.

: The City Council approves a single property tax rate for 2021.

: Posts coming over the next few days on the Nov. 18 City Council meeting.

: The Ways & Means Committee votes for a single tax rate for FY21.

: Previously, on Greenfield: Accessory Dwelling Units

: Buses, computers, supplies, and other miscellany from the Budget & Finance Subcommittee

: November 15, 2020 - The week ahead

: Should Greenfield landlords be required to have vacant rental units inspected?

: The EDC considers zoning amendments, property assessments (or the lack thereof), and the First National Bank.

: Charter Review Committee – Budget timing AND BEYOND!!

: Charter Review Committee – School Committee appointments and vacancies

: Charter Review Committee - The Mayor and the School Committee

: So… what's next for the GPS re-opening plan?

: GPS has completed its first round of HVAC evaluations and remediations.

: Greenfield Public Schools really needs to improve its communication around the re-opening plan.

: An update on Greenfield's school re-opening plan

: Biking in Greenfield: Day 3

: Biking in Greenfield: Day 2

: Biking in Greenfield: Day 1

: The Greenfield Leek: A Negative Turn for Positively Greenfield

: LIVEBLOGGING: Greenfield City Council, October 2019 regular meeting

: LIVEBLOGGING: Greenfield City Council, October 2019 special meeting

: The City Council will be voting on Oct. 1 on whether to overturn the Mayor's veto of the Safe City Ordinance.

: What happened with the French King Highway petition

: The text of Tim Dolan’s abortion access resolution

: LIVEBLOGGING: Greenfield City Council, September 2019 monthly meeting

: VoteGreenfield is a great resource for local election info.

: The other controversial topic at this week's City Council meeting? Why, the library, of course.

: What happened with the Safe City ordinance at last night's City Council meeting

: LIVEBLOGGING: Greenfield City Council, August 2019 monthly meeting

: The Greenfield Leek: Campaign Signs Cause a Stir Among “Our” Community; QR Code Holds Key

: CommonWealth Magazine has a pretty decent write-up of the Baystate mental health unit consolidation.

: The Ways & Means Committee recommends adding $757k to GPS budget.

: LIVEBLOGGING: Greenfield City Council March meeting

: The Greenfield Leek: Clay Oven Returns; Cites Lack of Full-Time Health Inspectors

: What happened with the library vote…

: LIVEBLOGGING: Greenfield Town Council, December 2018 monthly meeting

: The Town Council votes tonight on whether the new library project moves forward.

: LIVEBLOGGING: Public meeting on the new library

: Tonight is the public forum for the new library proposal.

: The Precinct 2 seat on the City Council will soon need a replacement.

: The Greenfield Leek: City Council weighs new library proposal amid bloom of Little Free Libraries

: Special meeting of the Greenfield City Council

: How about treating trees like any other critical municipal infrastructure?

: Live blog: Greenfield Annual Budget Meeting

: Live-blogging the May 16, 2018 meeting of the Greenfield Town Council

: Greenfield needs a real, codified plan for its tree stock, or else we will always be fighting over individual trees.

: Live-blogging: GPS Policy & Programs Subcommittee

: GPS Policy & Program Subcommittee meeting later today

: Live-blogging the April meeting of the Town Council

: A few preliminary answers on tree management in Greenfield

: Summarizing Wednesday night’s School Committee meeting

: The recording of the Ways & Means Committee meeting from April 10, 2018 is available.

: The School Committee is moving on to the SRO discussion.

: Live-blogging the April meeting of the School Committee

: If you’re interested in the FY2019 budget, go watch the Ways & Means Committee on GCTV now.

: I have gotten no further response from Chief Haigh regarding the SRO expansion proposal.

: Preliminary info about next week’s Town Council meeting

: Looks like some trees are coming down on Smith Street.

: Mayor Martin’s further response regarding the SRO program assessment and his support for expansion

: I am still waiting on responses from Mayor Martin and Chief Haigh about their School Resource Officer program proposal.

: It really seems like any change to the School Resource Officer program has to be approved by all the parties.

: I am chasing down some questions about the School Resource Officer proposal.

: Here is the proposal from the Mayor and GPD for the expansion of the School Resource Officer.

: I'm currently sitting in a meeting of the Health, Safety, & Facilities Subcommittee of the School Committee

: The School Committee is currently meeting for the final vote on the FY19 GPS budget.

: It seems like millenials and seniors are looking for mostly the same stuff in downtown Greenfield.

: Doug Mayo talks about privatization of town services

: No response from Council member Isaac Mass about GCET vote

: DPW public forum, or more than you ever wanted to know about waste removal in Greenfield

: Live-blogging the DPW public forum

: The town's lawyer says GCET should be both an Enterprise Fund and a Municipal Light Plant.

: It seems like GCET should have been an Enterprise Fund from the start.

: I’m over twelve minutes into the YouTube version of the School Committee’s February …

: I don’t really get why GCET is a Municipal Light Plant.

: The GPS strategic plan & superintendent evaluation

: Is there an overall operating model for Greenfield Public Schools?