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By Donna L Duck

Tuesday, October 29, 2019
“Where being nice is not only encouraged, but required,” boasts the motto of a new group on Facebook whose stated purpose is to promote the good in Greenfield. This site, Positively Greenfield, popped up six months ago and has grown to over 3000 members with 1500 posts in the last month alone. Posts include positive reviews about local businesses, pictures of sights around town, and promotion of local events; the site has even been credited with encouraging some residents from Eastern Mass to move to Greenfield.

Recently, however, the sheen of Positively Greenfield has faded for some members. One resident, who agreed to speak only with anonymity for fear of backlash, told the Recorder that she worried she may have to remove herself from Positively Greenfield.

“Last weekend my next door neighbor was using his leaf blower at 7 am; the third time this month,” she said. “I couldn’t help myself. I got so angry I yelled out the window, ‘Turn that sh*t off!’ That’s when I did not feel so positively Greenfield.  And, now, I’m unsure if I can stay on as a member.”

Another resident related his own story of feeling negativity while being an active member of Positively Greenfield:

“I had been feeling really good about Greenfield and was enjoying the sunset pictures and positive reviews of my new business in town,” he said. “Then, a sewage pipe from the town burst in the basement of my building. And, while I was parked on the street in front, trying to salvage my goods, I got a parking ticket. I don’t even think a croissant from Rise Above could improve my mood.”

Membership on the site continues to increase despite the growing concerns. The Greenfield Leek reached out to the administrators of Positively Greenfield for comment, but they did not address the rising negativity only issuing a statement reading that they “remain decidedly positive.”