Update: I talked to the Greenfield DPW, and this work is apparently not anything f they are doing. They said they currently have one tree in Smith Street that is tagged for removal, but they need to have a tree hearing first.

I noticed this morning that there is what looks to be (judging by the size and number of trucks) some pretty significant tree work happening at the east end of Smith Street.

I know there is some sort of town Tree Committee, but I will admit I have not paid it much attention. I also understand that old and unhealthy trees need to be tended to and should not be left to fall on their own. However, I find myself wondering whether there is any rhyme or reason to how the town goes about it, and also whether there is any overall plan in place to replace old trees that are removed.

I’ll be giving the DPW a call this morning to try to find out more. In the meantime, you can’t get through to Federal Street on Smith, as the east end of Smith is currently closed.