Assuming the shaky wifi here at Greenfield High School holds up, I will be live-blogging tonight’s meeting of the Greenfield Town Council.

The bandwidth here is terrible, so I’m having to update in larger batches…

7:08 PM - Meeting has been called to order. Proceeding to public comment.

7:10 PM - It is a relatively short list of folks signed up to speak during the public comment session.

7:18 PM - Steve Adam now speaking in support of the Board Of Health budget request. 19 new complaints logged at the Health Department with no one to take action on them.

7:26 PM - Representative from Just Roots speaking about a variety of activities around food distribution and asking for support of allocation of $25k of town money.

7:37 PM - Comments so far running roughly half in favor of the library project, half in support of funding the Health Department.

7:45 PM - Public comment session is done, on to public hearing on matching funds for Just Roots grant, borrowing authority for the library project, and a few other items.

Communications from the Mayor

School Committee updates

Back to the Finance folks for library-specific questions

Motion to restore funding for Health Department

Motion to appropriate $25k from sale of town lands for Just Roots matching grant

Motion carries unanimously.

Motion for a grab-bag of appropriations for contracts

Motion carries unanimously.

Motion to authorize library borrowing authority