I just sat through the recording of last night's School Committee meeting, having happened to notice yesterday that an update on the re-opening plan was on the agenda.

At the the one-hour-and-42-minute mark, the Committee got to the update.

If you scroll way down to the end of the meeting packet for last night's meeting, you can find the section titled "GPS Reopening Plan Update and Phase 2 Readiness Report." If you haven't been keeping score at home, we are currently in Phase 1a, which is "Outdoor In-Person Services For High Needs Learners" (SPOILER ALERT: In spite of being in this phase, there are not—at least as I understand it—any outdoor in-person services happening right now). 

The School Committee voted last night to authorize the district to move to Phase 2 ("Indoor In-Person Services for High-Needs Learners"), with a target date of November 9. To be clear, all that means is that the district can now begin negotiating with the Greenfield Education Association (i.e., the teachers' union) with that date in mind. It does not mean that Phase 2 will necessarily be starting on that date.