The Policy & Program Subcommittee of the Greenfield School Committee is having one of its regular meetings later today.

Here is the current agenda:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Public Comment
  3. Review Policies related to Policy Adoption and Processing
    • BG: School Committee Policy Development
    • BGB: Policy Adoption
    • BGC: Policy Revision and Review
    • Initiate Policy Action from Health & Safety Subcommittee
    • Initiate Policy Action for District’s Pregnant Employees
  4. Discuss Policy 21 Request
  5. Adjournment

I’ve never been to a meeting of this particular subcommittee, so this will be a new one for me. I am not sure yet whether I will live-blog it, or do a summary post following the meeting. If you have a preference, let me know.

The meeting starts at 12:30p today, and will be held in the conference room at the GPS central office, located on the ground level of Greenfield Middle School at 195 Federal Street.

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