November 15, 2020 – The week ahead

Here’s what I will be focusing on over the coming week:

  • Monday: Budget & Finance Subcommittee meeting (School Committee – The posted agenda for this meeting is pretty thin. The only item of note is “FY21 Budget to Date.”
  • Tuesday: Ways & Means Committee meeting (City Council) – This meeting looks to be feeding into a number of the items on the agenda for the following day’s City Council meeting—FY21 tax classification recommendations coming out of the Board of Assessors, as well as a number of motions that shuffle money around between various parts of the municipal budgets.
  • Wednesday: City Council meeting – I’m guessing this meeting could be lengthy. In addition to the FY21 tax classification and current-year budget stuff coming out of the Ways & Means Committee, the other big items up for discussion are the much-discussed zoning amendments about Accessory Dwelling Units resulting from a couple of citizen petitions. There will also be a first reading of the $6M appropriation for the new Fire Station building.
  • Thursday: Library Building Committee meeting – There is no posted agenda for this meeting yet. However, I haven’t been paying as much attention to these discussions as I would have liked, so I’m hoping to get caught up.

Those are not all the meetings that are scheduled for the week. The full calendar can be found here.

As for the timing, there will probably be at least a day’s delay for me to get something posted for any of these meetings. It mostly depends on how long it takes for me to submit the request for the Webex recording and then for the Clerk’s office to get the recording to me.