LIVEBLOGGING: Greenfield City Council, October 2019 special meeting

I’m at the Greenfield High School cafeteria for tonight’s special meeting of the Greenfield City Council. The only item on the agenda for this meeting is the Mayor’s veto of the Safe City Ordinance.

The meeting is scheduled to start at 7:00 PM.

And we’re off. Newest updates are at the top, as usual…

The liveblog has ended.

  • And now the meeting is adjourned.

  • On to the vote to amend the question going to ballot…

    Yes: Berson, Allis, Dolan, Gilmour, Wheeler, Mayo, Hirschfeld, Mass, Ricketts, Stempel, Sund, Renaud.

    The amended question will be on the ballot.

  • Councilor Mass says he respects that people have different opinions on this issue. He encourages everyone to come out to the polls.

    “I don’t believe that act of voting is a racist act.” By my reading of this discussion, that is a misinterpretation of what has been said.

  • President Renaud voices support for Councilor Stempel and VP Ricketts, says they are not alone.

  • Vice President Ricketts says she is both glad and saddened that she will have her final say on this at the polls. She notes she also took an oath when she became a Councilor and points that she has listened to the many folks who have talked to her about this.

  • Councilor Berson is confident that when this issue is on the ballot, the people of Greenfield will affirm it. “This is a life-saving ordinance.”

  • On to Councilor Mass’s point of order… clarifying that the motion on the floor is to amend the ballot question.

  • Councilor Stempel responds that a no vote means you’re against a safe city. She also states that the Bill of Right protects anyone who is in the United States, not just citizens.

    There is some grumbling in the audience.

    Councilor Mass raises a point of order. Councilor Stempel: “I’m not done talking yet.”

  • Councilor Sund says he is not against a safe city, but that 17000 people can’t fit in this room, and that it’s not fair that the all the people are not being heard from.

    He’s now talking about what he did I 1968.

  • Councilor Stempel says they will probably advance this motion, but states that she does not like putting this question on the ballot. Says she feels embarrassed that they are putting people’s rights to a ballot vote.