LIVEBLOGGING: Greenfield City Council, September 2019 monthly meeting

I’m at the John Zon Community Center for this evening’s regular meeting of the Greenfield City Council and will be live-blogging it throughout. Festivities will be kicking off at 7:00 PM.

The agenda for tonight’s meeting can be found on the city website.

Alright, here we go. Newest updates at the top…


The liveblog has ended.

  • “Resolution to determine the credibility to impeach President Donald John Trump…”

    It’s 10:42 PM, and I think this is my cue to get out of here.

  • Council VP Ricketts says she voted incorrectly on the Police Dept./Civil Service motion, and the parliamentarian explains that she can ask for unanimous consent of the Council to change her vote. Councilor Hirschfeld so moves—it is a nondebatable motion.

    Motion does not pass, as it was not a unanimous vote. Councilor Mass voted no (as well as someone else I missed).

  • Coming back from recess now…

  • Debate is ended.

    Pyfrom and Sund are no, Allis and Mass abstain, all the rest are yes.

    At the request of Councilor Gilmour, the parliamentarian is looking into it. They’re recessing for five minutes.

  • Back to Councilor Sund. He is still glad no one in the room was aborted. “Just because some people don’t care whether…”

  • Councilor Hirschfeld begins speaking, but is repeatedly interrupted by an audience member. VP Ricketts suggests the person quiet down or leave the room.

  • Councilor Berson: “I support this motion wholeheartedly.” He ways this is fundamental to their duties and responsibilities to bring their thoughts and grievances to the people who do make the decisions.

    Berson has a lot to say on this topic. I’m not sure what flag-burning or flag-waving has to do with abortion, but Berson wraps it in nonetheless.

  • Councilor Allis says he believes the city council doesn’t need to be spending its time on this issue. He says it is not appropriate for him to make this decision, because he “is not unbiased to his thoughts on this issue,” citing his own experience as a parent—it would cloud his thinking on this decision. He will abstain. “This is one more motion that we should not be taking up.”

  • Councilor Pyfrom says that “being a woman and a mother,” we don’t need to support this in Greenfield; we already support this at the state and federal level. She is not in support of this resolution “at all.”

  • Councilor Gilmour: “We ought to remind ourselves that we are not going to ban abortion by voting against this resolution.”