LIVEBLOGGING: Greenfield City Council, August 2019 monthly meeting

The Greenfield City Council is having its regular monthly meeting this evening. I’ll be live-blogging it here (assuming, as usual, that wifi holds up). The agenda for tonight’s meeting can be found on the city website.

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The liveblog has ended.

  • That is it for the major business. There are still a number of motions related to miscellaneous appropriations and appointments, but it’s past my bedtime, so I’m heading home.

    That’s all for me, folks. Thanks for reading.

  • And now, “Ballot Question for Safe City Ordinance.”

    The question is required to be on the ballot by the city charter. This vote is just about the wording of the question on the ballot.

    Motion passes, all yes but Councilor Dolan, who abstains.

  • Alright, they have reconvened.

    If they vote yes to rescind the Safe City Ordinance, then there is no need for the ballot, because there’s no more Safe City Ordinance. A no vote here means that the Safe City Ordinance stays in place:

    • Berson – no
    • Allis – yes
    • Pyfrom – yes
    • Dolan – no
    • Gilmour – no
    • Wheeler – no
    • Mass – Yes
    • Ricketts – no
    • Stempl – no
    • Sund – no

    The motion does not pass, so the Safe City Ordinance stands.

  • Now they’re on to: “Rescission of the Council’s Safe City Ordinance Vote from July 17, 2019”.

    President Renaud states that it seems like they’re voting on the same things twice, but this is the process and order of steps specified by the city’s attorney. “We can’t put it on the ballot if we don’t pass this.”

    There is some confusion about yes versus no on this motion, and they’re taking a five-minute break.

    And now Al Norman is up talking to them.

  • The motion passes with a large number of abstentions.

  • Councilor Pyfrom: Part of your job is to do what your citizens want. She says they should be focused on the small things in Greenfield.

    “I’ve grown up in Greenfield my whole life. We are a safe city, we’ve always been a safe city.” She calls people’s fear nonsense.

  • Councilor Stempl points out that she has heard from a number of people who signed the petition who didn’t fully understand what they were signing.

  • Next up: “Citizen Referendum Petition Safe City Ordinance Vote”

  • Okay, now they’re voting. This vote is to keep the Safe City Ordinance as written, or not. A “Yes” vote keeps the ordinance in place, a “No” vote overturns the original Council vote.

    • Berson – yes
    • Allis – no
    • Pyfrom – no
    • Dolan – yes
    • Wheeler – yes
    • Mass – no
    • Ricketts – yes
    • Stempl – yes
    • Sund – no
    • Renaud – yes

    Motion passes again, Safe City Ordinance remains in place as voted at the last meeting.

  • They were about to get to the roll-call vote, but not before Councilor Sund states again that he doesn’t hate anyone. He is now quoting the Bible.