Preliminary info about next week’s Town Council meeting

Next Wednesday (April 18) is the regular monthly meeting of of the Greenfield Town Council. There is not an agenda yet, but it looks like in addition to the regular business and public comment, they will be holding a public hearing on a big list of FY2019 budget items:

  • Fiscal Year 2019 Capital Budget
    • Appropriate $80,000 for an Anaerobic Digester Study
    • Appropriate $120,000 for a Camera System for Police Cruisers and Station
    • Appropriate $195,000 for GCET Telecommunications Equipment
    • Appropriate $75,000 for the Green River Sand Filter Beds
    • Appropriate $80,000 for the replacement of Guard Rails
    • Appropriate $550,000 for Leyden Wood Pump Station Replacement
    • Appropriate $65,000 for the purchase of a Mini Excavator
    • Appropriate $150,000 for Pickett Lane Sewer Main
    • Appropriate $100,291 for Sewer Inflow and Infiltration
    • Appropriate $99,709 from Bond Premium Fund for Sewer Inflow and Infiltration
    • Appropriate $200,000 Sewer Main Replacement
    • Appropriate $45,000 for Sewer Pickup Truck Replacement
    • Appropriate $75,000 from Retained Earnings for two (2) projects
    • Appropriate $250,000 from Free Cash for Six (6) projects
    • Appropriate $100,000 from Excess Bond Funds for Reconstruction of Scout Road
    • Appropriate $100,000 from Raise and Appropriate for Highway projects
    • Appropriate $49,250 from Building Maintenance Stabilization for two (2) projects
    • Appropriate $200,000 for Water Main Replacement Program
  • Appropriate $10,000 for Poets Seat Tower Improvements
  • Approve payment of a prior years invoices for GovConnect in the amount of $1,024 to be paid from the FY18 Greenfield Technology Budget
  • Approve payment of a prior years invoices for a Sump Pump Program reimbursements in the amount of $500 to be paid from the FY18 Sewer Budget
  • Appropriate $499,148 from General Stabilization Fund for 17 FY 18 line items

The Meeting Packet (the collection of documents that is prepared for Council members to review ahead of and reference at each meeting of the Council) has been posted yet. When the packet is available, it can usually be found on the Greenfield Community Television site.